lol does this means saeko will look something like this, then..

akkeyroomi said: Hi hi! if I could promote in your ask? I made a group on dA --> sportsanimeDOTdeviantartDOTcom it'd be great if people checked it out and submitted a few works, thank you!

SportsAnime DA group . Have fun \o/

guardian-of-crows said: We created a closed group of rp about Haikyuu (it's called Black Crow Kings) and I want to ask you if you would mind sharing it here? We are a new group and we want to find new people to roleplay with! We still need some main characters as Hinata, Daichi or Suga!

Gladly to do so!

well, if you guys still have some roles available since I didn’t get notification for this message ;~;

?? why didn’t i get any notification about new messages in my inbox

Guardian Deity.